Global learning network

Festo-Academy.jpgFesto Didactic considers itself a learning company.
As a training business that operates in 52 countries across a wide range of industries, we engage in over 200 consulting projects annually.

No project is ever the same and we always take the opportunity to learn from the experience and that of our customers.

Being part of the Festo group puts us in a unique learning position. Like many of our customers Festo competes in a global market. Festo engages in research & development, manufacturing, distribution, sales and support of customers in six continents. Our inside knowledge and exposure to this thriving operation gives us an insight into what makes a business successful.

Through the Festo Academy we are constantly evaluating this knowledge, looking to the future, evaluating the latest trends, defining best practice and making this available to our customers through our open course program or individual consulting support.



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