An Introduction to Time Management

An Introduction to Time Management

Managers at all levels need to balance a wide range of strategic and operational goals on a daily basis, but in order to successfully achieve them requires careful planning and skill. Due to increasing demands, many managers struggle to manage their time efficiently in some cases leading to project delays, missing deadlines and a work life imbalance.

Our one day Introduction to Time Management course, provides managers with a range of the necessary skills, dditional knowledge and sample planning tools to help manage their time more efficiently. organisations operate in environments of continuous change. Changes in company strategy, the introduction of new products and increasing demands from customers all serve to challenge the knowledge and skills of managers. Effective communications and training are a prerequisite for any company who wishes their teams to adapt & deliver excellent results, but this is not enough.

Target Group
Line managers/supervisors or anyone need to balance a wide range of responsibilities.


  • Session 0: Introduction to Time Management
  • Session 1: 'By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail'
  • Time planning: Fundamental tools and techniques
  • Session 2: 'Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow'
  • Time stealers: Techniques and skills to reduce lost time
  • Session 3: 'A stitch in time....' Creation: Techniques & habits that can 'create time'
  • Session 4: 'The wise man does no wrong by changing his habits with the times '
  • Time investment: Getting personal payback (transforming the ideas) into reality

No prerequisites are required for this course.

Training Outcomes
On completion of this training the participants can expect:

  • Have an awareness of personal implementation plans to release productive time with key milestones to ensure success
  • Understand the purpose of tools to assist in effective prioritisation, setting SMART objectives and planning of larger tasks. Course participants will be able to select relevant aspects of the planning
  • Check list to apply in their work environment
  • Be able to apply techniques to help identify and professionally handle ?time stealers?
  • Be competent and effective in the use of common activities such as emails & meetings
  • Have a personal activity plan that will assist in balancing future strategic and operational goals

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