Horse Whispering - Leadership lessons in coaching

Horse Whispering - Leadership lessons in coaching

The global economy means that competition has never been greater and businesses are looking for ways to improve performance without adding extra costs. This puts pressure on all employees to expand their knowledge and skills to meet the growing demands of their company. But what is it that inspires them to develop and to move with the company? The simple answer is leadership. Managers must be able to inspire their staff to follow them. Leaders must be able to coach their employees to help them take on new skills and effectively adapt to change.

It is leadership through coaching that really drives up performance and changes habits. Leadership and coaching are skills. The most effective leaders are able to adapt their approach and behaviour in order to coach others most effectively. Done well it has the added benefits of increased satisfaction, alignment to business goals and employee engagement.

This unique workshop is run by The Beyond Partnership and takes place near Witney in Oxfordshire. It uses horse whispering techniques to bring participants face to face with their personal challenges of leadership, communication and coaching.

Why horse whispering?
As animals of synchrony horses provide reliable and consistent feedback to people. They test our ability to exercise power and influence. By learning to ask a horse to undertake simple tasks, to follow you or be led by you, you access a direct means to refine your influencing skills, to experiment with new ways to form alliances and achieve a deeper understanding of the nature of relationships that make change possible.Horses, unlike people, do not have an axe to grind and don?t have an alternative agenda. This means that relationships develop based on leadership skills and mutual trust.

The workshop is led by Marie Faire and Linda Ruffle. Marie is co-founder of The Beyond Partnership. She is an experienced and highly regarded consultant, facilitator and presenter. Marie works in partnership with a large number of chief executives, directors, senior managers and their teams helping them to clarify and manifest their vision, challenge their thinking and develop effective strategy through people. She has an MA in Management Learning and is a Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainer.

Linda is one of the leading exponents of 'HorseWhispering'. She is a member of the UK teaching team working closely with originators of these methods from the USA and UK and is highly skilled as a coach. She has extensive experience in public sector management and has effectively combined her passion for horses with insightful facilitation of key leadership and communication techniques. Managers and supervisors with responsibilities for employees.

Target Group
Managers and supervisors with responsibilities for employees.

This workshop uses the skills involved in horse whispering to provide an insight into your own personal leadership and behaviour style. Through coaching, reflection, discussion and observation participants are able to discover and develop an increased range of behaviours styles in order to be a more effective leader, coach and communicator across a broader range of situations.

The workshop provides individual attention and facilitated time to work with others. The intention is that you experience something new, fun, fascinating and enlightening.

  • Discussion of personal learning outcomes
  • Discussion of own strengths and weaknesses
  • Discussion of own leadership style and how to improve it
  • Joining up with the horse and coaching to show the effect of own leadership style
  • Discussion of activity, modifying of own behaviour styles and repeated joining with the horse
  • Observing other peoples? behaviour styles and the effect on the horse
  • Development of alternative behaviour and leadership styles to give choices in the future and be able to cover and be effective across a broader range of situations
  • Appropriateness and effectiveness of leadership skills
Please note that the work with horses is on the ground and no riding is involved.


Training Outcomes
In this workshop you will learn the essential phrases in the language of equus or 'horse whispering' and at the same time achieve an exhilarating insight into the way you communicate, and the effect you have on the people you seek to lead.

The workshop provides the tools and principles to explore and develop your expertise in the following dimensions:

  • Non-verbal communication
  • Your ability to inspire and motivate others
  • Self awareness and accessing personal resources
  • Increasing your confidence in dependant relationships
  • Creative strategy and positive thought patterns
  • Actively exploiting and transferring fear and anxiety
  • Your ability to create space and confront barriers

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