Introduction to Management - Fundamental Coaching Skills

The workshop will focus on the fundamentals of management and consider how a manager can influence the engagement and performance of their team. It will develop an understanding of the modern 'consultative leadership' style of management and consider the role of 'coaching' in a modern management. This will enable new managers to consider how applying such techniques will build the capability of their team.

As a result of the workshop, participants can expect to have broadened their understanding of how their actions can and will influence others and how leaders are responsible for ensuring an engaged and enabled work force. Participants will leave with a range of tools and skills that they will be able to apply practically in their daily work that will support their development as managers and the goals of their business.

Target Group
Newly appointed managers.


  • Session 1 - What Makes a Leader?
    In this session we will consider what people expect of managers and how managers influence the engagement of their team. We will consider the link between customer satisfaction, engagement and business performance. We will also introduce the 3 core competencies of an effective manager.

  • Session 2 - Understanding Our People
A key issue for any successful manager is to know and understand their people. In this session we will discuss the modern consultative leadership style and use the ASK tool to assess our current strengths and potential development areas. We will consider the 8 needs of an effective employee and work on developing the fundamental consultative leadership skills upon which all management activities depend.

We will consider how to build trust through integrity and balance assertion with empathy in order to build long lasting and effective relationships with our employees.

  • Session 3 - Coaching
    In this session we will build a common understanding of what coaching is and why it works. We will introduce the SAFE coaching model to provide a structure for coaching in the work place and practice how to apply the skills we have learned. We will explore a relevant case study to build confidence in the value of coaching to a manager and the business.

  • Session 4 - Building Added Values through Feedback In this session we will consider how managers can add value through the feedback they give. We will learn the simple but powerful PAT skill of rewarding performance and understand why feedback ensures that employee engagement grows through personal ownership.

Training Outcomes
Throughout the workshop you will build your own personal action diary that will help you to transfer what you have learned into practice. This workshop is a self contained, stand alone workshop. However, should there be a desire to extend the training in future, we are able to offer further workshops which build on the foundations that you will have laid down from this event.

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