The Embedded Coach - Fundamental Coaching Skills for Managers

The Embedded Coach - Fundamental Coaching Skills for Managers

Service Ambassador Embedded Coach

Today's organisations operate in environments of continuous change. Changes in company strategy, the introduction of new products and increasing demands from customers all serve to challenge the knowledge and skills of managers. Effective communications and training are a prerequisite for any company who wishes their teams to adapt & deliver excellent results, but this is not enough.

This course defines 'coaching' and its particular necessity to services providers. The course is highly participative and includes presentations, reading exercises, partner activities, discussion sessions, practical exercises, video extracts, reference material, workbooks and finally a personal action diary which will help assist the individual to ensure that the acquired knowledge and skills needed to 'coach' personnel effectively, become embedded in their working environment.

The modern manager must consider how they will assist their people to apply newly acquired knowledge and skills quickly into their own environment and with their own personality. By using consultative coaching skills in a structured process the manager can help the individual understand and apply knowledge and skills more quickly and more effectively. This constructive and progressive approach, if embedded into the culture of the company departments, will improve results, increase customer satisfaction levels and enhance staff motivation.

Target Group
Experienced or newly appointed managers and team leaders responsible for managing teams of people or individuals working in these very demanding business functions.

Managers who undertake this training as part of a Service Ambassador training program for their service teams, will benefit from having attended both Service Ambassador Communication Skills courses prior to this module.


  • Modern coaching vs traditional management styles
  • Getting started the competency inventory: techniques and tools to analyse your team
  • The coaching process and coaching events
  • Communications skills to promote reflective learning and self empowerment
  • Providing feedback and rewarding performance
  • Coaching challenges of the real world

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Training Outcomes
On completion of this training the participants can expect:

  • To understand that 'attitude' is a 'key' component of successful coaching
  • To recognise the advantages of a modern coaching management style
  • To appreciate the value of rewarding positive performance when addressing areas of development
  • To understand and implement reflective learning skills
  • To understand the coaching cycle and the part it plays in the coaching process
  • To create awareness of the impact of different personalities and different environments in the real world
  • To recognise the value of competency inventories and the important part that they play in initiating an effective coaching process
  • To realise that self empowerment is a key component in embedding coaching into the culture of an organisation
  • To realise that, once embedded, coaching creates a process of 'continuous development'
  • To develop tools with which to monitor the impact of successful 'coaching' through your customers, your colleagues and your company as a whole

Practical exercises are used throughout the course. Delegates are expected to participate and share professional experiences in order to gain the most from this training. Discussions on behaviour styles can be considered sensitive in nature for some participants. In such discussions, all participation is voluntary to ensure that no one feels uncomfortable. None the less, all delegates will be asked to contribute personal information in a confidential environment.

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