Presentation skills

Presentation skills

Good presenters are like gold dust extremely valuable but incredibly hard to find. Knowing one's subject is one thing. Having the skills to present it clearly, enthusiastically and persuasively is quite another. Effective presentation skills can be learned and lack of confidence (the single greatest barrier to successful presentations) can be largely overcome by training.

This highly practical course, which makes extensive use of both group and individual tuition, will show delegates how to win and hold the attention of their audience, and ensure that their message is always understood and remembered. It will also give them an on-going development tool to take away their personal video of each of their presentations together with the course leader's feedback.

Target Group
Anyone who has to regularly stand up in front of an audience of colleagues or customers, prospects or peers and talk persuasively.


  • The art of communication
  • Planning the presentation
  • Personal projection
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Knowing and using your audience
  • The use of audio-visual aids
  • Practical work, including a full presentation
  • Summary and preparation of a plan of action to take away.

No prequisites required for this course.

These courses are provided by Mercuri and completed in three days. They are available at Stourport Manor.

To discuss this seminar in more detail over a coffee, please contact the business centre on (01604) 667584 or alternatively, e-mail .

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