Maximising your training investment

coaching.jpgAttending a training course represents a significant investment from both the individual concerned and the company. Time and money are precious resources to us all so it's critical to make the most of your training investment.

Festo are able to support you both pre and post training event to ensure it delivers maximum value.

Pre course assessments
Either face to face, online or using assessment papers, individual's knowledge levels can be assessed and course recommendations provided. Clients interested in a bespoke training solutions are encouraged to make use of our Training Needs Assessment service. More

Post course report
Individuals can receive a post course report highlighting areas of strength and weakness together with recommendations of the appropriate next steps

Post Course Clinics
Clinics take place after a course and are designed to transfer learned skills and knowledge into the workplace. Held on the customer's site and facilitated by the course trainer they are highly effective in maximising return on investment. More

Coaching in the workplace
Ongoing individual coaching is highly effective in ensuring newly learnt skills become habits of the future and are not forgotten. One to one coaching encourages the individual to assess their own performance & develop their own solutions and action plans.

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