Our approach

At Festo Didactic our focus is on delivering an outstanding learning experience. We pride ourselves on:

  • Experienced instructors with real world experience
  • A practical hands-on approach to learning new skills
  • Small group sizes, usually a maximum of 12
  • Using only the most modern industrial equipment
  • Engaging participants through the use of games, video, role-play, case studies, self-analysis surveys etc.

The role of any training is ultimately to change habits in the workplace through the application of new skills & knowledge. Whilst we strive to deliver a high quality learning experience, success is dependent on what happens before and after the training. We recommend:

Before training

Companies and Individuals carefully choose the right course dependent on the identified needs of the individuals and business. Individuals should have clear objective for attending a course.

After training

Companies ensure that there is support in the workplace after the training with a formal review against objectives and related coachng, actions or project based activities to ensure knowledge & skills are applied before they are forgotten.

Many organistions will have systems in place to ensure maximum return on investment for any training, but Festo Didactic can provide assistance in this area if required.



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