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In manufacturing Digital Magazine, Gary Wyles reveals why employee engagement is the real secret behind lean. Article Download
Coaching is a great way of engaging and developing employees. Gary Wyles discusses its application in engineering in the this article in Plant & Works Engineering.
Article Download
Gary Wyles, Managing Director of Festo Training and Consulting, considers how the recent economic downturn has allowed manufacturing companies to reflect on how they can operate more efficiently.
Lean manufacturing, growth through a recession with 25% less staff and a new successful approach to sales. Find out in this article how Starbank, a highly successful manufacturing company achieved all of these goals with Festo Training & Consulting's help.
2011 Starbanks's Phil Derbyshire talks to Maintenance & Engineering magazine about transforming his business and the role Festo Training & Consulting played in the process. Case study Download
2010 Festo's Gary Wyles gives his thoughts to the online publication ' Fresh Business Thinking' on 'How to leverage the principles of lean in your organisation' Article Online
2009 Our latest white paper and 'Quick Self Check tool', focuses on helping you control costs and increase efficiency levels within your business. White paper
2009 In this white paper we look at the common challenges businesses face in an economic downturn, and also offer advice and tools on how to successfully navigate your business through a recession.
White paper


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