Customer Specific Solutions

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 Customer Projects

When a customer's needs extend beyond a standard training program additional support is required. Such customer projects are focused on delivering defined improvements against agreed business objectives and KPI’s.

Why choose Festo Didactic consultancy?

Our experience of change in the manufacturing industry indicates that it invariably encompasses the three key themes of organisation, technology and people. Finding a consultant that has competencies in all these areas as well as relevant experience of the manufacturing marketplace can be very difficult. Festo consultants are unique in this respect. As a major manufacturer, Festo have direct relevant experience that we can bring to your business and are able to support you in these key areas.

There is one further reason to choose Festo for a consulting project. Uniquely among consultancies Festo take an enabling approach to all projects. This means that as the project progresses we ensure that managers are equipped with the knowledge and skills that enable the process to be repeated again and again without the need for additional consultancy support.


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