Leadership T-A-S-K

leadershiptask.jpgThe most successful companies are characterised by managers and employees that share a clear understanding of the business goals and the part they will play in achieving them.

This new consultancy service uses a guided learning system to assist managers to review and understand their current situation and provides a basis for planning future strategies.

Employee engagement quick assessment tool

This tool provides managers with a graphical analysis of the level of engagement of current employees providing a critical benchmark as well as information on which to base future management and employee strategies.

Leadership T-A-S-K reflective learning tool

To engage their people, managers need to be leaders. A leader in this context is a manager who is able to combine the key management functions and who uses Tools, demonstrates personal Attitudes, applies Skills and uses Knowledge to inform, involve and inspire teams and individuals to contribute to the process.

This tool provides a detailed analysis and a structured report on an individual managers personal Leadership T-A-S-K creating a reflective learning opportunity and providing a basis for planning future development and identifying coaching opportunities. Specifically:

Leadership Tools
What tools are available to the manager and how well are they understood and used?

Leadership Attitude
What attitudes does the manager display and how will this affect employees?

Leadership Skills
What skills does the manager possess and how well are they used to engage employees?

Leadership Knowledge
What knowledge does the manager possess and how well is this shared and communicated to their team? 

Managers are also able to purchase additional consultancy support to identify, develop and deliver improvement plans for the future.

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