IDEA, a structured approach to training & consulting projects





How we manage projects

Festo Didactic run projects using a proven four step structured approach based on the principals of I-D-E-A (Identify, Develop, Engage, Apply). Using this approach we ensure that: the process is effective, the people are involved, the client’s management is ‘enabled’ and the desired goals are delivered.

At each of the four stages we define:  

  • the ‘gateway’ – the prerequisites which must be in place to enable that stage to progress.
  • the focus – the scope of actions and tasks that must be implemented by both consultant and client.
  • the outcomes – the result or impact expected, including how these will be assessed and reviewed.

These elements help assure quality and ensure that the client is able to maintain control of the direction of the project, and their investment. The proportion of time spent in each of the four stages can vary according to the definition of the project, the business objectives and the capability of the personnel involved.  However, by implementing all four stages in a structured way, the ultimate success of the project is dramatically increased, enhancing the performance and competitiveness of the organisation.



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