Improving Management Skills

 Improving management and leadership skills are key for increasing engagement.


We’ve established that the role of managers is crucial to employee engagement. Some managers will have natural people management skills, others – and often the majority – will have been promoted because of their technical competency and they quickly need to develop people management skills.

Managers at all levels need to pay more attention to the individual, improving their awareness, listening skills and understand how to clearly communicate what the company is seeking to achieve as well as providing reward and recognition for individual efforts.

An engaged manager will need to have different skills at their disposal for different occasions. For example, when dealing with highly disengaged individuals (Saboteur, Thief).

Management Skills

How a manager deals with their people’s performance can impact the engagement and support of the wider team.

Leadership skills
Are vital to be able to move Disengaged employees (Passenger, Prisoner, Sceptic and Challenger) into Engaged employees.

Coaching skills
Are put into practice when managers want the individual to take personal responsibility for their own decisions. They will focus on questioning and building self-esteem. They will inspire and enable change to occur.

Moving from a collective communication approach to one that is individually centred requires well-developed people management and communication skills.

Manage to Engage…
The role of managers in employee engagement

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White Paper
We have produced an extensive  White Paper, on this topic which takes a look at some of the recent published studies in the area. It considers
what Employee Engagement is, the business impact, and what actions companies and managers can take to increase levels of engagement in their organisations.

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