Signs of Disengagement

The positive aspects of employee engagement are well articulated and researched. However, with the majority of employees being disengaged to varying degrees, we should also consider the impact and the signs of low levels of employee engagement.


Poor retention of staf
Are you losing your best and most valuable employees to competitors? Do you have a high churn? Have you recently asked your HR department to analyse how many staff have left you in recent years?


Lacklustre business performance
A perennial issue for business leaders is how to increase profits and turnover. So whether it’s an automation project, addressing poor productivity or increasing recruitment, employee engagement sits at the heart of an organisation’s performance.


Poor productivity
While the desire to grow and expand is certainly in place for manufacturing businesses, there also needs to be room for increased productivity or ‘doing more with less’.

Skills gap

In research that Festo conducted with Works Management, it was found that 88% of organisations are suffering from a skills shortage. Equally the research found that 94% of business leaders rated Employee Engagement as a concerns for their organisation.

Low levels of customer satisfaction

Improving relationships and service to existing customers so that customer satisfaction and loyalty increases is important for all businesses. And, yes, you guessed it; increased customer satisfaction comes down to high levels of employee engagement.


Manage to Engage…
The role of managers in employee engagement

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White Paper
We have produced an extensive  White Paper, on this topic which takes a look at some of the recent published studies in the area. It considers
what Employee Engagement is, the business impact, and what actions companies and managers can take to increase levels of engagement in their organisations.

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