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The aim of the Managers Energy Efficiency Experience that takes place at your premises is to gain a better understanding of the current situation and establish your actual energy saving needs in relation to air consumption and usage in the production areas.

We split this consultation down into 3 main parts:

Part 1 - production environment tour

Tour the production environment in order to gain a better understanding of how compressed air is currently being used. We record examples of key areas of improvement, safety, energy concerns, quality, and bad practice, which relate to energy waste in compressed air usage.

Part 2 - the problem experience

Gain a greater understanding of what could be affecting energy costs in compressed air systems. What is the root cause of many of the problems and what are the symptoms that we can identify in today’s production environment.

Once both parties are aware of the actual situation regarding current energy efficiencies on site, then we will be in a better position to discuss what actions need to be taken to make sustainable savings with regard to compressed air usage.

Part 3 - the people experience

Seeing is believing. See how people can move from being the cause to the cure. Witness with this ‘live’ interactive workshop how simple actions can make a difference and the impact these can have on energy costs. See how these savings can be made ‘sustainable’ without the need for expensive initial outlay.

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Useful information to help you reduce your energy costs:

Free - Energy efficiency in compressed air systems guide
Our guide highlights the hidden costs associated with compressed air and provides practical advice on how to lower your costs and maximise your energy efficiency.

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