Introduction to Energy Saving on Compressed Air Systems


This one day training course has been specifically designed to assist those who work with compressed air systems to fully understand the costs, and potential waste of energy, associated with compressed air use.

Methods and practices to reduce leaks and inappropriate use of compressed air are discussed, as well as the need to set and maintain optimum settings.

Correct sizing of components in relation to load, speed and pressure is covered with the use of Festo ProPneu software.

Course places are £250 each.  In-company courses can also be arranged for a suitable number of participants.

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Useful information to help you reduce your energy costs:

Energy Efficiency Experience
The aim of our Managers Energy Efficiency Experience that takes place at your premises is to establish your actual energy saving needs in relation to air consumption and usage in the production areas.

See how these savings can be made 'sustainable' without the need for expensive initial outlay.

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Free - Energy efficiency in compressed air systems guide
Our guide highlights the hidden costs associated with compressed air and provides practical advice on how to lower your costs and maximise your energy efficiency.

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