Skills as a route cause

Sustainable energy efficiency in automation requires a sophisticated approach. As an automation supplier Festo are acutely aware that intelligent engineering, selection of energy efficient products and solutions as well as energy saving services are all important elements.

However in many manufacturing organisations the emphasis is often on detecting and fixing leaks in the system with little focus on the question of why they are there in the first place and little awareness of the huge savings that can be made by optimising their current systems.

Your engineers can be both the cause and the cure of energy inefficiency and often the difference is simply education and attitude. Through Increased awareness of the costs of compressed air and a focus on best practice, the skills and knowledge of those working with the systems, plus their motivation and confidence to deal with the problem can be improved. As a result waste can be reduced and kept in check on a sustainable basis.

How many of your engineers actually consider energy efficiency practices when dealing with routine maintenance tasks or walk past leaks on a regular basis?

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See how these savings can be made 'sustainable' without the need for expensive initial outlay.

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Our guide highlights the hidden costs associated with compressed air and provides practical advice on how to lower your costs and maximise your energy efficiency.

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