All change for Industry 4.0

The manufacturing and engineering industries are on the cusp of a revolution that will see artificial intelligence transforming every aspect of our operations.



All around the world, leading researchers, manufacturers and developers are gearing up to put a new level of automation machinery into production that will radically alter the basis of our industrial society.

Manufacturers need to start preparing for change now.  We have put in place new strategic thinking about potential opportunities to develop our own business and manage threats from new competition and technology in the market.  We need to pro-actively manage this change. We need to keep ahead of the curve.


Eliza Rawlings

UK Managing Director
Festo Ltd

All change for Industry 4.0

Festo have carefully considered the different perspectives of Industry 4.0 from new technology, production processes along with man and machinery interaction and training required.

Ensure you are well prepared for Industry 4.0 by downloading our infographic and White Paper below.

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White Paper
We have produced an extensive White Paper, on the topic of Industry 4.0  that will enable leaders and managers to effectively plan ahead to ensure that you are facilitated with the knowledge to overcome the challenges that Industry 4.0 will  present.
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Workshop - Implementing Industry 4.0
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