Communicating change

Change is never delivered solely from the top of the business.  It needs to engage leaders, managers and the whole employee team.  To do this you need to consider how you communicate from the viewpoint of your people.

The more we can engage people in change through empowerment and effective communication, the more likely we are to succeed, sometimes even beyond our own expectations.

We call this communicating to the head, heart and hand.

The head seem to rule in business.  We talk facts and figures. We talk about 'what' we need to change.  Of course you will need the rational facts and figures.  A leader will have to prepare projections and schedules.  They'll need to be able to understand how the change is going to be executed.


If leaders communicate to the heart, as well as the head, the outcome could, and should, be different.  Reaching people at an emotional level is about demonstrating three key principles - honesty, integrity and authenticity.  They haveto trust what you're saying, otherwise they will perceive any form of communication as crass attempt at manipulation.


The final step of communicating change is about the hand.  We visualise this as helping someoneto his or her feet or to climb up a steep learning curve.  It is about disucssing the practical elements of how the change will happen and ensuring everything is put in place to facilitate success.


All change for Industry 4.0

Festo have carefully considered the different perspectives of Industry 4.0 from new technology, production processes along with man and machinery interaction and training required.

Ensure you are well prepared for Industry 4.0 by downloading our infographic and White Paper below.

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We have produced an extensive White Paper, on the topic of Industry 4.0  that will enable leaders and managers to effectively plan ahead to ensure that you are facilitated with the knowledge to overcome the challenges that Industry 4.0 will  present.
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