Continuous change

Part of preparing for change means assessing where you are now and what needs to alter in the immediate, near and distant future.  These are the four signs that your organisation is responding reactively to change and is at increased risk of threat to failure.

1. New competition in the market
Innovation is crucial for any business just as it is to keep ahead, or at least on par with the competition.  If your organisation is fixated on a single direction and not constantly scanning the whole horizon, you will miss the competition as it emerges and fail to identify threats until it is too late.


2. Increase in complaints from customers
Collecting complaints and rapidly deleting them from the inbox will help no one, and certainly not your business.  Listen to what your customers report to you.  Put plans in place to redress any signs of customer dissatisfaction.



3. Low morale/disengagement
If the company doesn't have a culture of listening to them and engaging with their people, employees will soon become demoralised and your organisation will be left behind in a highly competitive market.


4. Low productivity

The UK already has one of the lowest rates of productivity in the G7, with other countries on average 17% more productive than the UK.  Many companies don't even know if they're productive or unproductive - productivity needs to be bench marked against other competitors and industries.

All change for Industry 4.0

Festo have carefully considered the different perspectives of Industry 4.0 from new technology, production processes along with man and machinery interaction and training required.

Ensure you are well prepared for Industry 4.0 by downloading our infographic and White Paper below.

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We have produced an extensive White Paper, on the topic of Industry 4.0  that will enable leaders and managers to effectively plan ahead to ensure that you are facilitated with the knowledge to overcome the challenges that Industry 4.0 will  present.
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