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Our mission

Festo Didactic Training & Consulting is dedicated to supporting excellence in the UK manufacturing industry. By providing innovative training and results-based learning solutions - industry to industry.

Whether it’s lean manufacturing, Industry 4.0 or technical training to keep your team up to date in the fast-paced manufacturing and engineering sector. Or training in soft skills, such as communications and coaching, to help businesses maintain a competitive advantage. As a global manufacturing and engineering company, we understand the challenges you face and the opportunities that exist.

Based in the UK, but with a world of experience, we bring knowledge and expertise to our clients. Helping them compete and succeed in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Why "Didactic"?

The word Didactic is derived from the Greek word ‘Didactikos’, meaning ‘skilful in the science & art of teaching’. This represents our philosophy of developing people and organisations in a way that is pleasurable, entertaining, informative and productive.


Festo Didactic annual world-wide facts & figures 
Supporting clients in
52 countries
Providing training solutions for
Over 40 years
Course participants
30,000 every year
Seminars run
2,900 every year
Full time employees
Turnover €55m
Languages supported


Part of the Festo Group

Established in 1925, Festo is an innovative and highly successful business with an annual turnover in excess of €2.28 bn. We employ over 16,700 people and provide training, consultancy, industrial automation and process industry solutions to 300,000 customers in 176 countries.




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