Building system technology: learning solutions

Building system technology: learning solutions

Modular learning systems
Step by step to success

The digitization and networking of building control technology and the demand for reliable, energy-efficient and cross-system solutions present new challenges for teachers and students.

Different systems, such as for lighting, heating, renewable energy, blinds, alarm systems, etc., from different industries must communicate with each other and have to be operated by installers, technicians and users alike.


Introduction to building system technology
The learning solutions teach a broad range of the basic knowledge required for the various technologies and requirements.

The training packages provide an introduction to the topic of electrical protective measures. They explain where and why dangers arise and how to avoid them. An additional training package covers the basic principles of electrical installation. Building system technology: learning solutions


Energy-efficient lighting systems
The lighting system of a building consumes significant amounts of energy. As a result, energy-efficient solutions are increasingly important in this area.

The training packages for this topic focus mainly on energy-efficient lighting technology, fluorescent lamps, high-intensity discharge lamps and high-power LEDs.


Building automation
Modern buildings are characterized by intelligent solutions, especially when it comes to lighting and air-conditioning. Building system technology and bus systems play an important role here.

With the aid of learning solutions based on KNX/EIB technology, the students will learn about the switching and dimming of light, light scene control systems, timer circuits, heating and air conditioning control systems, blind and shutter controllers, and much more.


Building management systems
A complex control system is required for efficiently monitoring the climate of a building.

Our learning system provides the perfect foundations for teaching this knowledge and providing practical training using real-life components.

It covers components of the Direct Digital Control building automation system DDC-GA and provides an introduction to network architecture (BACnet MS/TP).


Renewable energy
These learning solutions provide practical experiments in the fields of photovoltaics and wind power, as well as grid supply and smart grid scenarios.

Several different training packages are available in order to cater to a variety of needs.


Electric vehicles
The increasing number of electric vehicles is presenting new challenges for building installations.

Our charging station for electric vehicle enables instructors to teach essential content such as planning and installing a charging station, including connection/commissioning, initial test/proof test and troubleshooting.