Equipment set TP 1131: KNX/EIB compact board

Equipment set TP 1131: KNX/EIB compact board

Intelligent solutions
Modern buildings are characterised by intelligent lighting and air-conditioning solutions. Building automation systems and bus systems play a key role here.

The KNX/EIB compact board EduTrainer is used to explain use of this technology. Equipped with the latest generation of industrial components, it delivers state-of-the-art technology.

When selecting the devices used, efforts were made to ensure that the widest possible range of levels of complexity can be realised. Beginners are therefore not overwhelmed and can use the full range of functions to meet increasing requirements.

The optionally available Systainer solution meets work, transport and storage requirements efficiently, thus reducing the amount of work required before and after lessons.


The pushbutton sensor elements can be used either as rockers or as independent buttons, the actual value of the integrated temperature controller can be specifed and further processed using an external potentiometer.


The channels of the 4-fold universal interface can be parameterised as both binary input and outputs. This means, for example, that the LEDs can be used to indicate a wide variety of states or solid state relays can be controlled for electrothermal heating valve drives.


Eminently connectable
A I/O actuator (4/4-fold) as well as a dimming and a sunblind actuator (2-fold) provide the full function range and cover all requirements for the control of external actuators or of the integrated simulation panel.


The universal simulation range, including dimmable LEDs, has no fixed wiring and offers versatile options for exciting projects thanks to its overlay masks.

Scope of delivery

  • KNX/EIB compact board
  • Overlay masks
  • 14 laboratory safety cables

Technical data

  • Input voltage: 1 AC/230 V AC (50 Hz), short circuit and overload protection
  • Phase display
  • Output for the connection of additional KNX/EIB EduTrainer modules
  • Output voltage: 1 AC/230 V AC
  • Integrated power supply unit 30 V DC 0.16 A
  • USB interface
  • 4/4-fold switching output/binary input
  • 2-fold louvre actuator
  • 2-fold dimming actuator
  • 4-fold universal binary I/O
  • 4-fold multi-function pushbutton sensor with 8 pushbuttons
  • 2-fold multi-function pushbutton sensor with 4 pushbuttons, room temperature controller including setpoint and actual value input and display
  • Integrated simulation panel with 14 colour LEDs, some dimmable
  • KNX system connector for bus connection
  • Connection via 4 mm and 2 mm safety connectors
  • Front plate: 399 x 297 mm
  • Control console housing with rubber feet for use in A4 frame or on tabletop

Training content

  • KNX/EIB system fundamentals
  • Using the system software ETS4
  • Switching and dimming the light
  • Two-way circuits
  • Interval timers
  • Staircase lighting timers
  • Light scene control systems
  • Different floor plans
  • Heating and climate control
  • Louvre and blind control systems
  • Logic operation of signals

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Building automation with KNX targets the topic of automation of a building based on KNX components. Focus is laid on the software tools, equipment and configuration as well as their interaction and extended options, all of which are addressed through realistic situations.

Particular emphasis is placed on independent execution, evaluation and documentation by the student.

Worksheets support the students through the required stages of introduction, planning and execution of exercises up to the evaluation of results and documentation.

The workbook contains:

  • Sample solutions
  • Training notes
  • Multimedia CD-ROM with graphics
  • Worksheets for learners