Equipment set TP 1143: High-pressure discharge lamps

Equipment set TP 1143: High-pressure discharge lamps

Mainly used for street and industrial lighting as well as floodlighting systems.

The high-pressure discharge lamps equipment set allows an introduction to sodium vapor lamps and metal halide lamps. It is possible to connect the lamps with electronic ballasts for operation in photometric and energy investigations.

An 8-piece cable set for 2 mm connections and measurements is included with the equipment set.

Training content

  • Types of high-pressure discharge lamps
  • Industrial energy efficiency of high-pressure discharge lamps
  • Circuitry of high-pressure discharge lamps
  • Application areas of high-pressure discharge lamps
  • Taught using practical project exercises


  • Complete function range
  • Easy, fast and reliable setup
  • Work book with theoretical part and project tasks


  • Front panel with multicolored, scratch-resistant front print
  • Graphics with division into didactic function blocks
  • Rear hood for use in A4 frame or as upright table unit
  • All connections are equipped with 4 mm or 2 mm safety sockets
  • Removable adapter for PE conductor plug-in system which cannot be swapped over