Tec2Screen® Course: Direct Current Technology – Resistors, Consumers

Tec2Screen® Course: Direct Current Technology – Resistors, Consumers

This Tec2Screen® course covers topics from the field of electrical engineering using the learning systems of Festo Didactic. Images from real-life situations, graphical representations of physical-technical processes, animated processes and a direct link to practice illustrate the topics in a straightforward way.

Training content

Connecting ohmic resistors/consumers in series

  • Laws governing the series connection of ohmic consumers
  • Calculating components and equivalent resistances
  • Line resistances and voltage drop
  • Series resistors for bulbs or LEDs

Connecting ohmic resistors/consumers in parallel

  • Laws governing the parallel connection of ohmic consumers
  • Calculating components and equivalent resistances
  • Power ratings of voltage sources

Mixed circuits

  • Practice: Deriving laws from measurements
  • Kirchhoff's second law
  • Kirchhoff's first law
  • Resistor networks
  • Potentials and potential differences

Required Connects
– 1x Multimeter Connect
– 1x Analog In Connect

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