Content Builder: Design and create your own training media

Content Builder: Design and create your own training media

Create digital training media quickly and inexpensively.

Create whole training scenarios to build and deepen knowledge!

Easy creation of exercises and tests, thanks to a wide choice of exercise types and ready-made interaction scenarios. PowerPoint import functionality allows rapid E-Learning. Together, these features enable optimized workflow in the production of training media.

The authoring tool, Content Builder, allows the development of high-quality digital training media, such as classic web-based training, Tec2Screen® courses, or material for blended learning scenarios.

Content Builder is the perfect tool for a wide range of needs, from training projects to public relations. Whether dealing with data, facts, or arguments – Content Builder can be used to communicate information in a structured and stylish way.

The numerous appealing templates provide attractive form as well as functionality, and additional content can be inserted via drag and drop, or by importing it from other digital media formats, such as PowerPoint.

Create interaction! Integrated facilities for creating interaction scenarios means additional motivation for students. Intelligent functions allow you to produce ready-to-use results without any need for programming knowledge.

Speak many languages! The language import and export function allows you to create multilingual training media in next to no time. Texts to be translated can be easily output, and the automatic import function allows the translations to simply be inserted at the same location in text or audio formats.