EDS® Solar Thermal: Training documentation

EDS® Solar Thermal: Training documentation

EDS® Solar Thermal is a modular training system that explains the core processes of solar thermal systems. These training course documents contain information on the following three topics:

Introduction to solar thermal energy

  • Fundamentals of thermal energy
  • Trainer familiarization and safety
  • Site analysis
  • System dimensioning

Solar thermal energy systems

  • Solar heating and cooling
  • Collecting thermal energy
  • Storing/exchanging thermal energy
  • Supplying/regulating thermal energy

Multi-loop systems

  • Trainer familiarization and safety for closed-loop water purification
  • Closed-loop surface heating
  • Closed-loop air heating
  • Closed-loop drainback systems
  • Closed-loop combination systems


Campus license
The standard option for commercial (professional) use. This type of license is intended for users who wish to use the training course documents at a single location.

You will receive a printed version of the workbook with a multimedia CD-ROM in the language of your choice. The multimedia CD-ROM contains PD files of exercises, solutions and worksheets, plus additional media. The license allows you to save these files on your PC, edit them as you wish and print them out.

Please note: the imperial version contains imperial units of measurement.

Campus licence