Clean water – a challenge for all of us

Clean water – a challenge for all of us

Governments, local authorities and companies have the responsibility to provide water in sufficient quality and quantity to the people and the industry. To achieve this goal, the know-how and qualifications of the responsible specialists are a crucial factor.

Increasing the investment in infrastructure is necessary, but not sufficient. Often, competencies to properly manage the water supply and wastewater disposal systems, are not available. In many countries, the lack of qualified staff leads to incorrect operation and poor maintenance of expensive plants, causing huge financial losses.

An additional challenge is to identify saving potentials, reduce waste and use resources efficiently. Water utility planners and construction engineers need to know the latest technologies and employ them so that the systems can be designed and operated safely according to standards and regulations.

However, the task does not end with the planning and building of plants. Management skills, service know-how, maintenance routines and efficient processes are also required. For this, technical and managerial trainings are the main levers.

  • 80 % of communal wastewater enters rivers, lakes and seas untreated
  • Water and wastewater plants are high energy consumers and responsible for up to 30 % of municipal power consumption