EDS® Water Management: Discovering the water circuit

EDS® Water Management: Discovering the water circuit

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Clean water for everyone: With modern technology!
Complex systems require responsible operation, as the applications have far-reaching effects on humans, the plant and the environment.

The different EDS® Water Management stations prepare users optimally for these varied tasks and systems with state-of-the-art technology.

Teaching the water circuit: In a small space!
Experience the complexity of corporate working processes from administration, technology and science in just a few square meters.

All stations are mobile and compact enough to fit on a table-top.

Experience process control engineering
One click in the control room needs to be thought through, as a switching signal changes the system functions invisibly to the operator. The effects often appear hours later. In the worst case, they can result in water pollution or wasted energy and resources.

EDS® Water Management allows you to experience the effects directly and rapidly.

Setup times and operating costs – Less is more
Add water, start PCs and software - and you're ready to start water circuit training.

Plastic granules are used as the soiled load and can be air-dried and re-used after utilization – reducing the operating costs of the training system to water and electricity.

Basic water circuit system
With the basic water circuit system, comprising the four main stations, you are ideally equipped to get to know the world of process command, measurement and control technology.

If you operate the stations individually, up to three students can work on the following learning areas:

  • Plant engineering, process and laboratory technology
  • Electrical engineering
  • Automation/process control engineering and administration

Control test in the laboratory
Laboratory control tests are required to verify the in-line measurement technology of process engineering systems.

EDS® Water Management is the ideal addition for combining your new knowledge directly with your laboratory, applying scientific skills.

Hardware, software, teachware, training
For ideal training - The workbooks with theory sections and exercise scenarios are perfectly customized for the stations. There are digital training programs on many topics for presentation or self-learning phases. A wide range of training courses is available for training staff.

EDS® Water Management offers the required planning documents, e.g. electric and pneumatic circuit diagrams, process flowcharts, data sheets and operating instructions. All documents comply with European standards.


General training content

  • Controlling, regulating and monitoring physical variables such as levels, flows and pressure
  • Technical/physical functions of sensors and actuators as well as wiring, adjustment and parameterization
  • Analyzing controlled systems, parameterizing and optimizing regulators
  • System operation, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair
  • Plant engineering
  • Optimization and energy monitoring
  • Electronic data processing
  • Reading and interpreting process flowcharts, electrical and pneumatic circuit diagrams


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