Sewage technology training set

Sewage technology training set

How does a wastewater treatment plant work? Playfully explains and demonstrates sewage technology with didactically designed magnet cards, learning card set and catalog of questions. is an innovative interactive training tool for hands-on learning of wastewater processes. All the important stages of wastewater treatment are vividly depicted on 63 magnetic picture cards. On a flipchart or whiteboard, you can quickly and easily reconstruct the complex processes, test your knowledge, or organize group work.

Complete training set consisting of:

  • 63 Magnetic picture cards (DIN A6) for presentation on whiteboards. Each card is labeled discretely in English and has space to add the heading term in your language manually.
  • User Manual (GB) with list of heading terms for the cards. Heading terms in further languages are available on the DWA product platform.
  • 1 Permanent marker to label the cards in your language.
  • 1 Workbook “Fit in Wastewater Technology?” with exercises and case studies
  • 2 Flashcard sets with 63 picture cards for group work learning and discussion of scenarios.
  • 5 Whiteboard markers enable you to draw material flows in your process diagrams.
  • 1 high quality transport case.

You will get access to the DWA (Deutsch Water Association) product platform which contains further information such as video tutorials, videos 360° for exercises with VR glasses and the list of heading terms in further languages.