Circuit Board 91091: Breadboard

Circuit Board 91091: Breadboard

The Breadboard is a complement to Digital Logic Fundamentals (Model 91014). The Breadboard module consists of three printed circuit boards designed so that students can easily connect and change circuits without the need to solder components. Students gain the understanding of the physical characteristics of components like pinouts, size, power, and impedance voltage limits. The breadboard comes with all the leads and components required to connect the studied circuits. These circuits include astable, bistable, and monostable multibrators, as well as Schmitt trigger (wave-squaring) circuits. A voltage source powered from the base unit provides the voltages required to power the circuits. These voltages are accessible from an additional solderless breadboard.

The practical, hands-on approach of the courseware guides students in the observation and measurement of signals with an oscilloscope. As a prerequisite, students should be ­familiar with the operation of bipolar transistor circuits.

Topic Coverage

  • Astable Multivibrator
  • Bistable Multivibrator
  • Monostable Multivibrator
  • Schmitt Trigger

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