MindSight A powerful LMS

MindSight A powerful LMS

MindSight is a powerful platform that operates all components of the multimedia curriculum, as well as the classroom management system.

This powerful LMS is used to present, report, and customize the technical subjects for each eSeries for  FACET® extensive line of training modules. It offers full management of classroom, groups, and content access.

MindSight allows instructors to manage enrollment, schedule learning activities, communicate with users, customize courseware, and track and report individual achievement.

Course content and class management are controlled from the instructor-access controlled software. MindSight can be connected to a workstation with training hardware, or as a stand-alone, e-learning program without hardware.


MindSight provides these features:

Classroom management

  • Add and delete students
  • Create groups
  • Create and delete passwords
  • Run activity and assessment reports

Content Management

  • Import additional MindSight content from CD, DVD, or external device
  • Manage course catalogs
  • Upload new SCORM courses
  • Add a new catalog
  • Manage catalogs
  • Assign User Groups to catalogs

Teacher Annotations
Teachers can change words or paragraphs and add additional text, supplementary information, or instructions within the curriculum.

Course Content Editing
Easy-to-use tools enable the addition of information, course building from existing content, and SCORM package uploading. Tools also enable you to run external applications.

Access to students’ electronic journals
Instructors can communicate with students about notes they save in the journals, projects, progress, etc.

Announcement Posting
Teachers can send messages to the entire class in one easy step.

Real-Time Journal/Blog
Instructors can communicate with selected students in writing. The blog feature enhances communication among teachers and students.

Application Tab
Any application can be linked to the application tab and launched from this tab in the top right corner of the screen.

Student Notes
Each content screen displays a student notes icon that opens a notetaking window in front of the content screen. Students can see the content about which they are taking notes.
These notes can then be printed out individually or exported to a single file for printing.

Teachers can run reports by Courses or Students. More reports features, including Competencies and Standards, are currently in development

More options
There are two possible configurations for MindSight:

  • LAN-based
  • Web-based

For the LAN-based solution, we supply MindSight with a “plug-and-play” network appliance that comes with pre-installed management and communication software, providing a fully-supported network without disturbing an existing network. MindSight is connected to its LAN, and a client software is installed on each workstation.

In the case of a Web-based configuration, each workstation is linked to the Web. A client software is installed on each workstation and the data are hosted on our server. A licensing fee for such usage will apply.

Requirements to run MindSight
Server requirements:
Recommendations are for server connectivity. Network appliance ­itself is supplied by Festo and requires a 10 Mb Ethernet LAN connection. ­Recommended access to internet via port 80/443 (HTTP/SSL) or via proxy server will allow for quick and easy registration and updating.

Client Workstation, recommended:

  • Internet Explorer 7
  • .NET 3.0 framework
  • Flash 8 (multimedia may require Flash 9)
  • Sound card
  • 100Mb Ethernet
  • 1280 pixel width display resolution

Client Workstation, minimum:

  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Internet Explorer 6
  • .NET 3.0 framework
  • Flash 8 (multimedia may require Flash 9)
  • Sound card
  • 10 Mb Ethernet
  • 1024 pixel width display resolution