MES4 V3 ‒ The intuitive control system for your training factory

MES4 V3 ‒ The intuitive control system for your training factory

Manufacturing Execution System Modern Architecture
The MES4 V3 controls production orders in real time, just like in a real factory, and takes on a central software function in manufacturing. The MES4 V3 combines classic MES functionalities with the new opportunities offered by the growing interconnected networks in the Industrial Internet of Things.

MES4 V3 is specifically focused on educational suitability. The software has been adapted to the requirements of the Center for School Quality and Teacher Training (ZSL) in Baden-Württemberg and is therefore perfect for use in training and teaching courses in industrial automation. All relevant functions can be accessed quickly and intuitively via the browser-based user interface.

The function range includes:

  • Graphical system configurator with station library
  • Graphical work schedule editor
  • Production control via service-oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Communication with resources via TCP/IP or OPC UA
  • Order management
  • Graphical live tracking of work steps
  • Editor for database analyses, e.g. OEE or quality, with live diagrams
  • Import and export functions for layouts, work schedules, orders and evaluations in standard formats such as CSV and JSON
  • User interface languages: DE, EN, FR, PT, HU, ZH

Snapshot function: Restore with just one click

Thanks to its integration with FactoryViews, MES4 V3 also benefits from a seamless interaction with other apps such as our educational webshop, platform-independent operation, and the snapshot function, which allows work statuses to be backed up and restored to a file with just one click.

The following resources are currently supported by MES4 V3:

The Lite version is limited to configuring three stations simultaneously, which is sufficient for typical training scenarios. There is a choice of lab licenses that can be installed on PCs in an educational institute as well as student licenses that can be rented.
Renting student licenses is a three-step process:

  1. The educational institute selects an expiration date in the online license portal, e.g. after one school year
  2. The educational institute distributes the activation codes to the students
  3. The students use the codes to activate their software copy

An Internet connection is only required for activating the license, not for operating the software. The license automatically expires after the expiration date and can be reissued by the educational institute.

System requirements

  • Intel Core i5 (7th generation) or equivalent
  • At least 8 GB RAM, 10 GB SSD/HDD available
  • Windows 10 1909 64-bit or later
  • Current web browser (Microsoft Edge/ Google Chrome/ Mozilla Firefox)