CP Factory – The Cyber-Physical Factory

CP Factory – The Cyber-Physical Factory

Training area Assembly Line
Batch sizes of 1 and the assembly of product variants place demanding requirements on production in line with Industry 4.0. To meet these requirements, the CP Factory offers:

  • Modularity
  • Mobility
  • Short setup times
  • RFID technology
  • Plug & produce
  • Standard interfaces
  • Service-oriented program architecture

Training area Production
CNC machines and flexible manufacturing systems play a major part in the creation of customized products down to batch size 1.

The CP Factory integrates CNC technologies for use in industrial training projects and scenarios. It therefore adds:

  • Robot integration
  • CAD/CAM products
  • Simulation

Training area Quality Assurance
From a caliper gage to a fully-automatic 3D measuring machine – all standard measuring devices can be integrated into the CP Factory as a quality laboratory. The SPC module in the MES4 is used both to enter setpoints and carry out evaluations.

Training area ERP/MES
In a modern factory, intelligent machines and workpieces communicate with each other and with the IT systems ERP (enterprise resource planning) and MES (manufacturing execution system) both inside and outside the factory, up to cloud level.

MES4 is Festo's MES for a smart factory, based on an Access database. For SAP users, the training factory can be custom-connected to SAP ME. We can produce further MES and ERP links on request.


Training area Lean Production
Industry 4.0 is also gaining ground in the field of lean production. Based on your requirements, we can offer facilities for producing anything from assembly cells to a supermarket with a "milkrun":

  • Automated material supply for workstations
  • RFID technology
  • Avoiding errors through intelligent assembly monitoring
  • Link to MES4
  • Visualization

Training area Logistics
An intelligent flow of materials and networked logistics are important drivers for Industry 4.0. The CP Factory offers a versatile training and research platform for several different logistical problems:

  • RFID
  • MES
  • Automatic warehouse
  • Production stores and magazines
  • Pallet transfer systems
  • Autonomous transport robots

Systematic variety
The exceptional flexibility of a CP Factory system is based on the basic design of its cells, which is always identical: dimensions, track rollers, control cabinet, conveyor, control console, system cable.

As a stand-alone or system network
The basic features of the CP Factory determine the appearance of the system:

  • Wide transfer belt for pallet transportation
  • Application modules above the conveyor
  • Variable system layout, providing freedom for designing individual, partner and group workstations

The standardized stations can be positioned differently. A laboratory made up of individual workstations can very quickly be turned into one or more production lines focusing on different areas of automation.

Training content stored in the application module
The core of the learning system is based around flexibly combinable modular stations, which are used to realize different application modules. These determine the training content provided by the stations. Thanks to the use of standard interfaces, application modules can be interchanged in just a few minutes. This allows fast conversion for different training situations and content.

CP Factory – The universal Industry 4.0 training factory
CP Factory reflects the new developments in networked production for Industry 4.0 and offers a modular smart factory system for teaching and research purposes. The learning system includes not only the assembly line, but also different areas of production, such as lean production, logistics and quality assurance.

A modular system par excellence!
Our decades of experience in the construction of modular learning systems are reflected in many of the details of a CP Factory. All stations and application modules are equipped with the very latest industrial technology. The concept and equipment demonstrate our innovative approach.

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