Learnline mobile: More versatile than ever!

Learnline mobile: More versatile than ever!

Flexible and modular
Learnline is of modular design and offers an almost unlimited range of configuration possibilities for your Learnline workstation.

High degree of mobility and optimum utilization of space
Individual and group training workstations can be created with minimum effort wherever they are required. Transport through doors is also possible. This mobile station allows two different groups to train simultaneously on both sides. Thanks to optional fixed drawer units that can be added which ensure quick and easy access to the relevant exercise components.

Optimum use of space
The positioning of the storage plate means that the free space beside the fixed drawer units can be used for Systainer or other storage systems. The hydraulic power unit with single pump fits conveniently beside the 1100 mm profile plate.

Hydraulics for advanced trainees
The double pump power unit fits neatly on the frame beside the fixed drawer units with no additional attachment required. The discharge measuring container also fits beside the 1100 mm profile plate.

Pneumatic and electrotechnical training
The storage plate can hold up to two compressors. Further mounting frames for electronic components in A4 format, for example, can be used in addition to the 700 mm profile plate.

Vertical or inclined? 
Choose the vertical profile plate if you want to use the worktop for books or laptops for example. Or if the workstation is to be used from both sides, opt for the inclination unit with an additional profile plate to adapt the plate inclination to your requirements.

The preferred types with price advantage. Flexibly expandable. (Overall dimensions W1556 x D780 x H1773)