Conveyor, unassembled

Conveyor, unassembled

Topics for project work

  • Set-up of a feed device for an annealing oven
  • Set-up of a conveyor between MPS® stations

Training aims for project work

Project planning and organisation:

  • Creating a project plan
  • Project documentation
  • Production organisation


  • Mechanical set-up of a production system
  • Assembly and connection technology

Electrical and electronic:

  • Correct wiring of electrical components
  • Selection and application of various electrical drives

Control technology:

  • Programming a minicontroller
  • Structure of a program
  • Logic components
  • Logic controllers
  • Timers


  • Commissioning of the entire sequence


  • Systematic troubleshooting of a production system

Recommended training media

  • CIROS® Mechatronics