Open- and closed-loop control: eLearning course

Open- and closed-loop control: eLearning course

This training program uses practical examples to show the difference between open- and closed-loop control in automation. Easy-to-understand tasks are used first to examine the overall process of a simple functioning system. Later sections then look at different types of controllers, the different ways in which signals are represented and processed, and the ways in which programs are implemented.



From the contents:

  • Differences between open- and closed-loop control (characteristics of controllers, characteristics of regulators
  • DIN 19226
  • Signal types
  • Differences between types of control
  • Signal processing (synchronous control, controlling links, asynchronous control, process control)
  • Types of control (regulating to fixed values, tracking values)
  • Regulators (P, I, and D controllers, combined controllers such as PI or PID controllers)

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