Software – Learning, controlling, simulating

Software – Learning, controlling, simulating

Importance of software in the learning process

Anyone who wants to design successful training processes and courses must make sure that everything fits together.

  • The electronic Classroom Manager manages target groups, content and media. Interactive self-study programs replace textbooks.
  • CIROS® or FluidSIM® simulations supplement the range of realistic training environments. The PC becomes a complete platform for virtual and yet practical training.
  • STEP 7 classroom licenses ensure that every student can access the industrial controller.

Without software, contemporary training courses are almost impossible.



Learn, teach and organise
Teachers and trainers design their training based on requirements and the available methods.

Multimedia training programs from Festo Didactic ensure professional confidence and can either be used to help explain topics during teaching or as self-study programs.

The Classroom Manager helps to organise target groups and create individual training courses.



Control, operate, observe
Software applications are the visible face of automation for technical staff. Anyone who wants to get to grips with the technology must be able to confidently use the programming systems, operating and visualisation software, configuration tools and other packages. The transfer of knowledge acquired during the training must be quick. This is why market leading software solutions are a key element of any training system.



Programming and simulation
A training environment for PLC or fluid engineering can meet very different requirements:

  • Maximum practical relevance: Real controller and real process
  • Low budget: real controller and virtual process
  • Flexible range of control systems: virtual controller and real process

Simulation environments in 3D and software controllers are standard equipment in a modern training laboratory.



EasyPort: Bridge to added value
Anyone who wants to extend the range of exercises depends on using simulation environments. FluidSIM® or CIROS® are standard equipment in control technology.

For example, EasyPort connects the PLC with the simulated process on the PC. The 3D models in CIROS® extend the range of exercises by more than 4 times and provide brand new possibilities for differentiated training.



Multimedia training programmes: The key to independence
The automation technology learning system contains self-study programs for almost all basic topics. They

  • support the design of differentiated training
  • promote competent activity
  • provide structured background knowledge
  • ease the burden on the trainer