Pneumatics Starter

Pneumatics Starter


First steps to becoming an engineer

Children cannot start learning about technology early enough. The Pneumatics Starter is an ideal way to begin learning about technology from age 11 onwards.

The Pneumatics Starter deals with a variety of material, from the basic principles of physics (pressure, force) through to logic operations and the basic principles of automation technology.

It uses only authentic industrial components, which helps to ensure high motivation on the part of students. Students can discover the purpose of components for themselves and use them to assemble interesting circuits.

Getting to grips with technology
A further special feature is the opportunity for hands-on experience of the components – for example, the air supply for the Pneumatics Starter is provided by a small hand air pump and reservoir. This directly demonstrates to students the relationship between pressure and force.

Additional advantage - working with the Pneumatics Starter is absolutely safe.

Comprehensive practical range of media
Detailed documentation teaches the necessary basic principles, using photos, sectional views and basic representations. A comprehensive book of exercises with model solutions guides students as they progress from basic principles to assembling their own circuits.

Three complex project exercises complete the book of exercises and give students the opportunity to use what they have learned.

Training content

  • Fundamentals of pneumatics
  • Physical principles: volume, pressure, force
  • Signal input and processing
  • Basic principles of automation
  • Logic operations (AND, OR)
  • Design of technical systems (component selection and component sizing)
  • Basic mechanical skills (assembly, screwing, installation of tubing)
  • Technical documentation: reading and producing circuit diagrams

Scope of delivery

  • 1x single-acting cylinder
  • 1x double-acting cylinder
  • 1x 5/2-way valve, monostable, pneumatically actuated
  • 1x 5/2-way valve, bistable, pneumatically actuated
  • 2x 3/2-way pushbutton valve
  • 1x AND valve
  • 1x OR valve
  • 1x flow control valve
  • 1x aluminium profile plate, one-piece
  • Mounting accessories for cylinders and valves
  • Compressed air supply, with air pump, air reservoir and pressure gauge
  • Tubing
  • Tool set
  • Plastic storage tray
  • Detailed documentation on CD-ROM (de/en/es/fr):
    Comprehensive book of exercises with solutions and didactical instructions for use in teaching; companion materials with numerous colour illustrations, basic representations, photos and sectional views and safety instructions, including copying rights.