EduTrainer® Universal: individually configure holders, modules and PLCs

EduTrainer® Universal: individually configure holders, modules and PLCs

The universal A4 holder system
The base of the EduTrainer® Universal is the A4 holder system. It fits in the A4 mounting frame of your laboratory furniture and can also be hung in an ER mounting frame.

Choice of PLC
You have the flexibility to either order the system without a PLC or to choose from among the industrial control systems provided by the leading manufacturers, i.e. PLC, mini control system or Profibus slave.

Large variety of 19” modules
The suitable connecting module for every situation: digital or analogue, with or without simulation, Sub-D or SysLink. Extensions for word processing or AS-interface. All available in 19” front panel format.

With or without power supply unit
The EduTrainer® Universal comes with a switched-mode power supply as standard, but it can also be supplied by an external power supply unit.

Convenient configuration


To ensure that the holder system and equipment will work well together, the EduTrainer® online configuration offers assistance when selecting the components. At the end of this process a picture of your EduTrainer®, a parts list and order code will be generated.

The benefits to you:

The holder system


Smart and sturdy, 305 or 458
The powder-coated A4 steel plate of the holder system and 19" module mounting frames is available in two widths, either 305 mm or 458 mm. The smaller EduTrainer® therefore fits perfectly into the trolleys of the MPS® stations, and the larger version offers space for numerous extensions.

For ER and A4
The EduTrainer® Universal fits in every A4 mounting frame. It can also be hung in an ER mounting frame using the hook located on the rear side.

Upright and reclined
The EduTrainer® can be taken everywhere thanks to the handle located on the rear side. When working in a standing position, the EduTrainer® can be laid on its back. In this case, you must ensure that the 120/230 volt connection attached on the rear side is not in the way.

The rack variant
If the EduTrainer® is intended to be stood on a table during use, the most suitable design variant is the EduTrainer® A4 Rack which has two supporting feet. The feet are easily detached enabling the system to fit in the mounting frames of the laboratory furniture.

Control systems and PLC modules


This EduTrainer® is universal because it can be fitted with any industrial control system produced by a market leader:

  • Siemens S7-300 CPU and modules
  • Siemens LOGO! CPU and modules
  • Festo FEC CPU
  • Festo CPX CPU
  • Allen-Bradley CPU and modules
  • Mitsubishi CPU and modules
  • and others

Can't find the PLC you want?
No problem. You can equip a "blank" EduTrainer® with your preferred PLC. The 19" modules are non-proprietary and enable easy self-assembly.

19" simulation modules


Modules for all situations
Thanks to a multitude of simulation modules, all of which can be ordered individually, a wide range of alternative connections can be simulated during training. Existing EduTrainer® Universal models can also be extended at a later date using these modules.