Motor vehicle mechatronics extension component set TP 1025

Motor vehicle mechatronics extension component set TP 1025

Motor vehicle mechatronics extension component set TP 1025

The set of components extends the equipment sets TP 1011 and TP 1011-M, basics of electrical engineering / electronics, by motor vehicle mechatronics components.

The students set up simple motor vehicle-specific basic circuits using an EduTrainer® patch panel and the components from TP 1011 or TP 1011-M. Guided by action-oriented learning scenarios, they identify and eliminate malfunctions.

Symbols and component values are printed on the top of the components. The housing of the set of components can be opened to renew the components in the event of a malfunction. The components are installed on a patch panel with a 19 mm grid.

Built-in fault switches can be used to selectively manipulate components to enable realistic troubleshooting in the circuits.
All components are included in the electrical engineering library FluidSIM® 5. This library also contains extensive teaching material, adapted to the first year of training of automotive mechatronics technicians.


  • Connectors for 4 mm safety plug on the top of the components
  • All connectors in 4 mm safety design
  • Ergonomically shaped, two-piece plastic housing
  • Components that can plugged on top of each other with measurement connectors on the top
  • 19 mm plug-in grid
  • Delivery on a stable storage panel with labeling to enable clear allocation

Components included

  • 12 V voltage regulator
  • 2x bulb, 12 V/20 mA
  • Key switch
  • Pulse oscillator
  • 2x lamp, 12 V/3 W
  • 2x lamp LED, 12 V
  • Normally open relay, 12 V
  • Fuse, 1 A
  • Fuse, 2 A
  • 2x switch

Training content

  • Troubleshooting: rear fog light, reversing light, dashboard lighting, trailer lighting, low beam, tail and brake lights
  • Diagnostics: instrument and dashboard lighting, fog lights, low beam, high beam and fog lights, right tail light, indicator system

Simulation software FLUIDSIM-E
The new version of FluidSim-E v5.5 now offers special components, functions and educational material for training in the automotive sector.

With providing version 5.5., we attend to the demands of our customers who wish to apply FluidSIM for trainings in the field of automotive engineering. As an extension to the already existing version for electrical engineering, FluidSIM 5.5 offers additional functionalities and content tailored to suit the automotive sector:

  • Automotive-related components
  • Virtual measuring devices
  • Failure models and diagnosis
  • Extensive learning material
  • Numerous additional circuits tailored to fit the TP 1025