50 things that go wrong in project management

problems with projects

The customer's enthusiastic, the Project Manager's been appointed and the project team is in place. Everyone's really fired up - so what could possibly go wrong? The answer, it seems, is plenty. 

Here are the first five items on the list, click here to download all 50 in .pdf format.

1 Poor planning, usually due to too little time and effort. (Senior managers often underestimate the resources needed for the planning phase, because “It’s not real work”)

2 The Project Manager can’t say “no” to unrealistic deadlines

3 The Project Manager and Project Team lack the competency necessary. There is no clear and objective way of assessing project managers’ competence

4 Poor follow up during the entire project, in terms of:
– Quantity – too little follow up
– Quality – communication with groups and individuals is not concrete enough
– Focus – the key issues aren’t the ones being followed up

5 The pre-conditions change but the Project Manager waits too long to ask for a new requirement specification (or to generate one).

And the solution is . . .

Investment in good training will help to avoid all the pitfalls listed here, which is why we place so much emphasis on our Effective project management courses in conjunction with Mercuri International.

These are highly practical courses, in which participants work on their own projects as live case studies, and return to work with a detailed project plan they can take forward with confidence.

The course covers:

• Identifying the project structure
• Introduction to project management methodology
• Setting goals and defining project parameters
• Planning the project
• Executing the plan
• Identifying and developing leadership skills
• Project completion


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