12/01/19 | Trade shows and events 2019




06/06/18 | New - free Industry 4.0 webinar

Steve Sands, Industry 4.0 Spokesperson for Festo in the UK will be discussing practical ways to begin to connect automation components to the cloud and generate value from the data. 

The webinar is taking at 9am on 26th June. Find out more





06/04/18 | Pneumatics skills damaging your productivity?

Downtime is a major cause of lost productivity. Do your people have the pneumatic skills to keep your machinery up and running? Test your knowledge. Download our Skills Assessment




06/04/18 | Industry 4.0 webinar

If you missed our recent webinar on Industry 4.0 & change catch up on the recording here. Just sign in and watch at your convenience.  Watch now.



06/04/18 | Bringing energy efficiency into view

Eliminate waste improving productivity. Reducing environmental impact.  All of these are common KPIs.  In this article, Gary Fuller explains how to effectively achieve targers and sustain improvements.  More




19/03/18 | Festo Industry 4.0 training shortlisted for MCI Awards

Festo's Contribution to Skills & Training for Industry 4.0 has been recognised by being included in the shortlist at the Motion Control Industry Awards.



22/02/18 | Festo sponsors Leadership conference at Jaguar Landrover

There’s plenty of discussion about the future of manufacturing and the digital factory, but what does it mean for companies now and how should manufacturers be developing leadership skills to implement the factory of the future?




22/02/18 | Festo introduces new one-day seminar on basics of Industry 4.0

Festo has launched a new seminar entitled ‘The Fundamentals of Industry 4.0’. Ideal for those who wish to gain a broader understanding of what Industry 4.0 is about: without talking about products.



01/07/16 | New: CIROS Automation Suite

Professional training in virtual learning environments.




22/07/15 | Festo supporting tomorrows engineers

With the engineering skills gap in the UK still presenting a major challenge to companies that are facing great growth opportunities many are realising that to secure engineers with the right skills set for the future your only option is to grow your own!

Lambert Engineering are just such a company – highly successful and looking to build a legacy for the future they have been actively involved in taking on apprentices for some time. In 2015 they announced their apprentice of the year competition, open to all of their apprentices regardless of what stage they were currently at within the program.



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