13/08/09 | CIROS 6.0

Professional training in virtual learning environments.




10/08/09 | Hell's Kitchen

How do you convince highly competent individuals of the benefits of working together as a lean and efficient management team? Consign them to 'Hell's Kitchen'!




20/07/09 | British Water Summer meeting

Festo's Gary Wyles presented a White Paper entitled "The importance of fundamental communication skills in delivering successful and profitable projects in the water industry."




21/05/09 | White Paper – Energising businesses during a recession

With the need to control costs and increase efficiency Festo Training & Consulting have produced a 'White Paper' entitled 'Energising businesses during a recession', designed to help you maximise energy efficiency and minimise your costs.



12/05/09 | Mechatronics training in Coimbatore, India

After being chosen as the pilot project partner by the government for the national implementation of the Dual System of vocational training in India,




12/05/09 | Vocational training for people with disability

On February 13, 2009, an agreement between Annedore-Leber-Berufsbildungswerk Berlin (ALBBW) and Festo Didactic was signed.




12/05/09 | Girl´s Day in Berkheim – Women and Technology in Guadalajara

On April 22, Festo AG & Co. KG organized a Girls' Day (national orientation day for girls in technical and commercial careers) with the aim of involving young women in technical professions.





27/03/09 | Engineers in the making

Festo hosts local education authority's launch of Diploma in Engineering




20/02/09 | Over £378m training funds available for your business

Cutting back on your training budget?  Find out in our guide how to get financial assistance to support your training plans.




20/02/09 | White Paper – 7 essential points for developing your business during a recession

The harsh realities of today’s economic climate are likely to affect all areas of manufacturing to one degree or another.

The problems may well have originated in the financial sector but this quickly impacted on consumers and where consumer spending is affected, manufacturing soon follows.




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