01/12/08 | Learning with robots

  • How do I move a robot along a line?
  • Which robot team will score the most goals?
  • Which robot will navigate a series of obstacles?

Electrical drive technology, sensors, control technology, image processing and programming techniques. Understanding technology – Using an entirely different approach.




22/09/08 | LabCreator

The new, professional design programme for laboratories. Download now for free!





01/09/08 | Forgetting curve - it's up to you!

What is the first thing that people do when they leave a training course? You may not be able to remember yourself, but after six days you lose up to 77% of newly learnt skills and knowledge.




01/09/08 | Festo's Mark Hemming discusses the skills gap in the service industry




21/07/08 | With Value Added

Free demo and  trial versions of all our products, downloads of full versions.
Data sheets, manuals, references all around the world and the No. 1 free online dictionary for automation technology.

In the Service area you find everything helpful for your daily business.




01/07/08 | Service teams must learn new skills

Learn why the traditional service engineer is having to improve and develop new 'soft' skills to communicate more effectively with customers.



01/07/08 | Special Offers: Free accommodation with selected seminars

saving up to £164




01/07/08 | The impact of leadership on Employee Engagement

Find out how to differentiate yourself from the competition with employee engagement. Free white paper.



02/06/08 | Laws & report effecting the engineering sector




06/05/08 | Lean production principles & practice



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