27/03/09 | Engineers in the making

Festo hosts local education authority's launch of Diploma in Engineering




20/02/09 | White Paper – 7 essential points for developing your business during a recession

The harsh realities of today’s economic climate are likely to affect all areas of manufacturing to one degree or another.

The problems may well have originated in the financial sector but this quickly impacted on consumers and where consumer spending is affected, manufacturing soon follows.





20/02/09 | Over £378m training funds available for your business

Cutting back on your training budget?  Find out in our guide how to get financial assistance to support your training plans.




21/09/08 | LabCreator

The new, professional design programme for laboratories. Download now for free!





01/09/08 | Forgetting curve - it's up to you!

What is the first thing that people do when they leave a training course? You may not be able to remember yourself, but after six days you lose up to 77% of newly learnt skills and knowledge.




01/09/08 | Festo's Mark Hemming discusses the skills gap in the service industry




20/07/08 | With Value Added

Free demo and  trial versions of all our products, downloads of full versions.
Data sheets, manuals, references all around the world and the No. 1 free online dictionary for automation technology.

In the Service area you find everything helpful for your daily business.




01/07/08 | Service teams must learn new skills

Learn why the traditional service engineer is having to improve and develop new 'soft' skills to communicate more effectively with customers.



01/07/08 | Special Offers: Free accommodation with selected seminars

saving up to £164




01/07/08 | The impact of leadership on Employee Engagement

Find out how to differentiate yourself from the competition with employee engagement. Free white paper.


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