27/07/06 | Professional, industry-focused qualification solutions for process automation and for all hybrid production tasks

  • MPS® PA – the new learning system for process automation
  • Networked System and Compact-Workstation
  • AFB concept factory for all hybrid production tasks
  • Individual solutions
  • Courses and workshops




07/06/06 | WorldSkills competition venues & candidates required




10/05/06 | Festo to sponsor mechatronics

Yes, it's official, UK Skills has won its bid to host the WorldSkills 2011 competition in London.



31/03/06 | Communications skills for service teams




21/01/06 | 50 things that go wrong in project management




20/01/06 | By popular demand

When competition really hotted up for time on two Festo PLC-controlled workstations in Tresham Institute's mechatronics laboratory, the institute didn't think twice and invested in a third, to meet demand.



26/06/05 | Institute of Technology Sligo, Ireland




04/04/05 | The yardstick for design and function




23/03/05 | Training concept for Agro-Industries

The consultancy concept with focus on the main sectors of Agro-Industries Food, Wood, Textile and Leather industry. The study conducted a survey in Thailand to analyse the industry demands with information focus on Automation Technology and Process Control in the industrial reality. Download the concept for only 19 €.




27/01/05 | World Skills diary, February 2005

As a global Founding Sponsor Partner Within the UK, there's considerable interest in the 38th World Skills Competition to be in held in Helsinki in May both from Festo, Global Founding Sponsor Partnet and UK finalists Matt Goodwin and James Dellacioppa from Federal Mogul Friction Products.



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