16/08/06 | - and how to get the most from them

Avoid the potential pitfalls and gain the maximum benefit from meetings with our hints and tips guide.



27/07/06 | Professional, industry-focused qualification solutions for process automation and for all hybrid production tasks

  • MPS® PA – the new learning system for process automation
  • Networked System and Compact-Workstation
  • AFB concept factory for all hybrid production tasks
  • Individual solutions
  • Courses and workshops




07/06/06 | WorldSkills competition venues & candidates required




10/05/06 | Festo to sponsor mechatronics

Yes, it's official, UK Skills has won its bid to host the WorldSkills 2011 competition in London.



31/03/06 | Communications skills for service teams




21/01/06 | 50 things that go wrong in project management




20/01/06 | By popular demand

When competition really hotted up for time on two Festo PLC-controlled workstations in Tresham Institute's mechatronics laboratory, the institute didn't think twice and invested in a third, to meet demand.



26/06/05 | Institute of Technology Sligo, Ireland




04/04/05 | The yardstick for design and function




23/03/05 | Training concept for Agro-Industries

The consultancy concept with focus on the main sectors of Agro-Industries Food, Wood, Textile and Leather industry. The study conducted a survey in Thailand to analyse the industry demands with information focus on Automation Technology and Process Control in the industrial reality. Download the concept for only 19 €.



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