Capacity building for the water sector

Discover the completely new learning system EDS® Water Management and training and educational consulting services for a better water supply.

The EDS® (Environmental Discovery System) Water Management is a modular training equipment which simulates the core processes of water and wastewater treatment plants. Due to its industrial design, it clarifies how water and wastewater are collected, transported and treated in the plants. It delivers a solid introduction into process automation and closed-loop control technology.

By carrying out practical exercises and experiments, the trainees gain practical knowledge and become aware of how individual processes and actions in one section influence the overall system.

Since all components of the training equipment largely correspond to their “real” counterparts in function and design, conducting out the exercises becomes an authentic and thrilling experience.

A complete range of public training courses is available to adress the qualification demands of technical staff and supervisors of wastewater treatment plants.


“Easy to use” workbooks
Easy to understand workbooks illustrate theory in the body of practical exercises. Thus learning transfer into day-to-day work is simple and smooth.
The workbooks cover the following fields:

  • Water supply
  • Water purification
  • Wastewater transport
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Monitoring, controlling and optimizing operations
  • Energy optimization

Holistic training approach
The trainings of Festo Didactic develop competencies in the operation and maintenance of machines and processes. They increase the awareness about the correlations and promote an independent working style when it comes to problem analysis and problem solving as well as process optimization.

Participants acquire the fundamentals, the common practices and the know-how to handle a variety of water purification and wastewater treatment processes.
Practical and experiential training leads to direct transfer of skills and knowledge to workplaces in order to improve professional competencies.


World Skills