Communications skills for service teams

Service Ambassador

Satisfied customers

We created the Service Ambassador Program to provide your Service Engineers with the skills to build relationships, enhance loyalty, discover opportunities and differentiate your business from the competition.

Introduce a new piece of equipment, machine or maintenance procedure and it automatically becomes a mandatory requirement that all Service Engineers undergo the appropriate training.

Yet for the most complex ‘machine’ i.e. ‘the customer’, Service Engineers are offered little or no training at all! 

The Service Ambassador Program consists of four seperate courses:

  • Communications skills for Service Engineers
    A compelling new approach to handling customer communications. Proven tools guide the service professional and develop the core skills needed for effective communications.
  • Advanced communications skills for Service Engineers
    Service Engineers are faced with many challenging attitudes and behaviours. This powerful course uses the proven DiSC®‚ model to develop a practical  understanding of how different behavioural styles interact.
  • Team Power – team working skills for service support functions
    This workshop uses ‘reflective learning’ techniques and focuses on the internal customer, effective communication and building a powerful dynamic teams.
  • Embedded Coach
    Designed and structured specifically for managers and team leaders to assist their personnel to implement newly acquired skills in an effective way. It  provides useful tools to ensure that service teams gain the greatest benefit for training investment.

Service Ambassador Program brochure (pdf)


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