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The SEMTA event attracted over 40 participants from both the educational and manufacturing sectors who were all eager to give their input as to the nature of the new qualification which is due to begin in 2009.

SEMTA, the employer-led organisation at the heart of the skills agenda for Science, Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies in the UK held the last of the four regional consultation events for the proposed Specialised Diploma in Manufacturing at Festo headquarters in Northampton on the September 25th.

Delegates debated key issues including:

  • What the Diploma should be called in order to make it attractive to pupils
  • What the learning outcomes should be
  • How can it be made sufficiently different from other qualifications (including the proposed Diploma in Engineering)
  • What involvement industry will have, how can work related learning be integrated
  • How the the Diploma should be graded so it is understandable to both parents and industry.

England is currently experiencing the biggest reform to the education system since the introduction of GCSE's and for first time employers, industrial bodies and educational establishments have had an opportunity to assist in the design and development of the new qualifications.

The Specialised Diploma in Manufacturing is one of fourteen new qualifications being introduced across England, aimed at providing young people between the ages of 14 - 19 with the knowledge and skills required to enter a career within the manufacturing industries.

Following on from the four regional consultation events, the Manufacturing Diploma Team will be hosting a summary event in London on Wednesday 18th October 2006 to consult and discuss the outcomes of the four regional events and to confirm the proposed content and structure of the Diploma.

This event is aimed at stakeholders in the manufacturing industries but individuals or employers who were unable to attend the regional events are welcome.

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