Ensure training meets your needs

Training needs assessment.

Training needs

In order to maximise your ROI (Return on Investment), for any course it is vital that the content matches your training needs. Identifying these needs in relation to the equipment, processes and wider business objectives is a vital step in a move towards an effective training delelopment programme.

Festo Didactic's assessment consultancy service investigates and reports in three key areas. 


Question papers relating to the individual subjects being assessed are used.  These papers provide feedback on the levels of knowledge in four key areas.

  • Fundamental principles
  • Components & symbols
  • Individuals are also questioned about equipment and technologies in the production environment.

Production process:

A guided tour of the productionline(s) is undertaken to gather information about the processes, equipment and technologies in use.  This detailis vital to identify the current knowledge gaps and establish the level and scope of any training plan. Applications identified from the plant can also be used in any subsequent training.


A discussion with the department manager is arranged to establish the training needs from a business perspective. Are there specific targets that are being sought, which KPIs are to be measured,are there defined standards to be achieved? Any training plan should reflect and complement these business needs and ensure that any training carriedout is working towards achieving the stated business goals.



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